So Long, Farewell, I’ll Even Write A Poem

A foreign urge to go to a foreign place

How good is God (and mom) for saying yes

Preparation – passport, meds, and a sizable suitcase

Counting down to my first time leaving the U.S.

So long, farewell, peace out Philadelphia

The time for Scotland is now, or in Spanish, Escocia


One month lived at an atypical college named Tilsley

Only sixteen students there, plus the FirstServe crew

Hours upon hours of learning about God, friendship, me

Leaving that special place made me very blue

No more time with those people or late nights of Dutch Blitz

Saying goodbye was more painful than listening to Top 40 hits


Two more short months in Glasgow

Exploring that place and loving the people

The Boyd home and Greenview church family welcomed me so

God’s lavish blessings made my heart overly full

You think that’s all about Scotland? Ha!

You’re wrong so go on and read another stanza


Made lattes, friends, and maturing decisions

Helped with CAP, youth, Tots, and still had time for fun

Greenview had tops teaching and heart-touching hymns

Walking into the wrong house was also done

Isle of Skye was bliss and Loch Lomond breathtaking

But it was the people, so dear to my heart, that I’d be missing


Ready and not, Peru introduced itself to me

Warm, loud, colorful, peculiar Peru

Two weeks in Lima with the Grovers to transition and sightsee

Feliz Navidad and Feliz Ano Nuevo to you

Settled into the Harknett home in Trujillo

But fleetly off the get to work at the orfanato


As close as one could get yet between us still a wall

They smile, laugh, but so much damage below

Well, then again, isn’t that true for us all?

How hopeful knowing they know Jesus loves them so

Not gonna lie, serving there drained me in every way

But those thirty-one children stole my heart and to me are bae


Up and up through the Andes to arrive in Cajamarca

It’s still Peru but feels extremely different

Enjoyed the cooler weather, tranquil culture, and trying guava

Another orphanage and kids ministry where a church there wasn’t

Chased waterfalls and adventured with quickly made friends

Awestruck by unfathomable beauty on the ride through the mountains


Following that, a mighty time in the mighty jungle

A blessed time with a ministry reaching over two hundred kids

Tarantulas, piranhas, good thing the anaconda didn’t strangle

Have to say English teaching was a favorite thing I did

Definitely could’ve stayed in Pucallpa many more nights

Maybe that’s why I missed my flight


Back to my Trujillo base for one month more

Desiring to the fullest extent to bring God praise

Orphanage, young adult retreat, mosquito bites galore

One bout of homesickness for just a few days

The Lord gave me joy to finish here upbeat

Leaving soon and the only way to describe it, “bittersweet”


Three months in Peru full of firsts and mosts

Most thrilling, independent, spiritually growing

It was the adventure of a lifetime, sorry to boast

Don’t ask me my favorite part, can’t pick one thing

Maybe it’s the food although I won’t miss the weight gain

I thought I escaped pounds when I left Britain


Now come tears of gratitude, sweet sadness, and nostalgia

Goodbyes to people, places, and this entire experience

Last minute sightseeing and packing might be a good idea

Now to thank you all with my beholden and humbled essence

No words for thanks to those at home and from this journey

But most of all to the perfect Lord and Savior, to Him be all the glory


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